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Etienne De Kock


Etienne de Kock is a busy artist.


In addition to working with the traditional elements of stone, metal, wood, water and fire, Etienne is creatively preoccupied with the fourth dimension of movement in time. 

Spend a while in his company, and you become aware of a gaze that is focused on the matter before him and simultaneously watching inwardly: his mind’s eye tracing what is happening, and what might happen, as the situation unfolds into an as-yet unknown future. 

It is this inner busyness, this constant intellectual absorption translated into creative expression that gives conversations with Etienne, as well as his art, their characteristic unpredictability, engagement and grace. 

His fascination with unpredictability and movement, and its interaction with the material and social world, has motivated Etienne since childhood, and is the motif in all his adult endeavours. 

Sculptor, foundry-man, blacksmith,  mould-maker, teacher, musician, set-builder, sailor and boat designer – Etienne’s life engages movement in the elements, and invites others to do the same.

Trained in sculpture and graphics at the University of Pretoria and graduating in 1986, Etienne has for over 30 years worked as a multi-faceted creator, designing functional and practical items, as well as artwork – large and small, studio and commissioned. 


In all his work, Etienne develops applied excellence in production processes, including bronze casting, forging, mould-making, boat design and traditional construction techniques. This is further supported by extensive research into the historical, cultural, scientific and material dimensions of whatever project he is engaged in. In the field of creative production, Etienne is a sought after colleague, mentor and collaborator. He is acknowledged as master of many methods and materials, and is known for his genius in seeing how things will work together. He is a sought after teacher, his fidelity to material process and his ability to convey this to others being an enduring source of inspiration.

The practical experience he acquires as he develops this intimate familiarity with the production process feeds into his creativity and allows him to use a variety of materials in his work. It also grants him tangible experience of the 

very process of co-creation: he is forming and being formed through his engagement with material

And this personal experience of interaction and of change over time – of being changed while changing things - is precisely the effect he invites others to experience through participating in his artwork