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Artists of Walker Bay Modern Art.
Louis Chanu.

Bronze Sculptures

Resin Sculptures



The inspiration for my work comes from nature, its varying qualities of light, its organic shapes and the complex relationship between people and nature...with the element of time causing endless change. My great passion and yet my greatest challenge is to interpret what I see around me through the medium of sculpting. To achieve this I am constantly experimenting with new methods and materials. 


My latest work is particularly exciting for me as I have developed a new and unique technique, used here for the first time. With this procedure I have been able to nickel-plate bronze, which I believe has never been possible before. This has opened a whole new dimension to my work and is therefore a major focus of this collection. This has given me the ability to use the contrasting characteristics of the two metals to highlight certain facets of a sculpture, underlining the theme which is being explored. Nickel creates a highly polished surface, while bronze has a matt finish. Nickel, too, unlike bronze, doesn’t dull with time. 

"Reflections", portrays various aspects of this concept. As nickel has a sheen similar to silver, it reflects its environment and the changing light conditions. This creates a fascinating effect as the sculpture and its surroundings interact dynamically. On a deeper level the images can draw the viewer into a contemplation of the effect of time on nature, incorporating such issues as: ageing, the meaning of balance and the relationship between ourselves and the environment. 


I love the female form, as the shapes are organic and gentle, so I have used this as my basic model and moulded the nickel and bronze around it. It gives me a great sense of meaning and pleasure to present these works that will be a permanent reflection of our unique era. I hope you enjoy this journey with me.

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